Reporting Discrimination or Retaliation

If you experience discrimination or retaliation, or if you are aware of any form of discrimination or retaliation, please make a report. Reports help us track patterns and improve how we educate the campus and help prevent discrimination at MU.

All members of the university community as well as visitors and third parties can report incidents using one of the following methods.


Report discrimination or retaliation using the online incident report form. The information you submit will be sent directly to the Office for Civil Rights & Title IX.

By Email

Send an email to describing the incident, including the date of the incident and the names of the people involved.

By Phone

Call 573-882-3880 to provide basic information to the Office for Civil Rights & Title IX. We will return your call.

Privacy and Reporting

We encourage you to share your name with us when you make a report. 

Our first step is to contact the potential victim to discuss their rights and options, as well as any privacy considerations.

You generally are not required to share your name, but telling us who you are may help us investigate the matter or improve campus climate. There is one exception: University of Missouri employees who become aware of sex discrimination must report it and must provide their names. 

The Office for Civil Rights & Title IX respects your privacy. It is up to you to decide whether you wish to contact the police. We typically only contact the police if you give us permission to do so — or if there is an imminent threat to campus safety.

If you wish to talk with a confidential resource, you can learn more about confidential resources here.