About the Office of Civil Rights and Title IX

Rights and options; support and interim measures; investigation and resolution; education and prevention; patterns, trends and policy review The Office for Civil Rights & Title IX:

  • enforces the university’s non-discrimination policies
  • educates the community about our policies and practices
  • connects people to resources that can support them if they experience discrimination or retaliation
  • listens to the concerns of the campus community

If you experience any form of discrimination or retaliation, you can make a report to the Office for Civil Rights & Title IX. We will contact you, discuss your options and rights, and can investigate whether university policies were violated. 

If you are concerned about confidentiality or don't want an investigation, we will discuss any concerns that you might have. 

If you witness discrimination or learn about discrimination from someone else, you can also make a report. 

We investigate all forms of sex-based violence, including sexual misconduct (commonly referred to as sexual assault or rape), dating or intimate partner violence, stalking, sexual exploitation or invasion of sexual privacy. 

Our office also investigates the use of racial or ethnic slurs to harass or intimidate. This type of conduct may violate the non-discrimination policy and/or the Student Standard of Conduct or Human Resources policies.